Debut Album - The Tonic Rays

The Tonic Rays - Debut Album
  • After The Flash (Joe Cummings)
  • Too Lazy to Break Your Heart (Joe Cummings)
  • Strangest Kind (Marie Dance)
  • Disintegration (Joe Cummings)
  • Pretend That You Love Me (Marie Dance)
  • Home (Marie Dance)
  • Keep A-Hold (Marie Dance)
  • Icon (Joe Cummings)
  • Sleep (Marie Dance)
  • Taxi Driver (Marie Dance, Somsak Trusongkhai)
Tonic Rays

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December 15, 2008


Billboard contributor

Top 10 albums of 2008

1. Jamey Johnson, "That Lonesome Song" (Mercury).

2. Ross Johnson, "Make It Stop! The Most Of Ross Johnson" (Goner).

3. Rose Tattoo, "Blood Brothers" (Wacken).

4. Rick Springfield," Venus in Overdrive" (New Door/UMe).

5. The Knux, "Remind Me in 3 Days..." (Interscope).

6. The Tonic Rays, "The Tonic Rays" (

7. Woodbox Gang, "Drunk As Dragons" (Alternative Tentacles).

8. Carter's Chord, "Carter's Chord" (Show Dog Nashville).

9. Phil Vassar, "Prayer of a Common Man" (Universal).

10. New Bloods, "The Secret Life" (Kill Rock Stars).

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